Feb 21 2016

Four Texas Medical Schools Caught Spending Hundreds of Thousands Buying Aborted Baby Parts

EDITORIAL: Now we can see why it was a court in Texas that indicted the producer of the revealing videos that show Planned Parenthood has been promoting abortion for decades so they can harvest late term baby parts to sell for profit and satanic rituals. This feminist fueled rabbit hole goes as deep as they can into Hell itself! …

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Feb 21 2016

TRUMP PROMISES HE CAN DO MORE THAN GOD: A Fool to Mess with Pope Francis Who Plays in a Higher League

EDITORIAL: Trump’s statements are reminiscent of the Anti-Christ revealed to us in the book of Revelations! It’s clear that Trump is not the only person who knows how to get the internet going. Photograph: AP The Guardian by Anthea Butler Friday 19 February 2016 09.15 EST Last modified on Friday 19 February 201610.04 EST The war of words over Donald …

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Feb 21 2016

It’s Not Donald Trump’s Mexican Wall that Should Make You Question His Christianity

He implied that he didn’t need to ask for forgiveness, saying that he just “tries to be good” instead. His claims that he’s a “good Christian”, as well, should provoke suspicion The Independent by Heather Tomlinson Friday 19 February 2016 Donald Trump at a campaign stop in Gaffney, South Carolina AP It’s been a strange week for …

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Feb 14 2016

HBO Star & Bunny Ranch Owner Dennis Hof Testifies for Phoenix Sex Cult in Illegal Prostitution Trial

A photo from inside the Phoenix Goddess Temple. Jamie Peachey/New Times EDITORIAL: It makes sense now why Dennis Hof thought he could get legalized prostitution into Arizona. It appears they already have a satanic sex cult running there so, of course, Dennis would want a piece of the action. Is this another of his ‘partnerships?’ …

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Jan 18 2016

HOW HOLLYWOOD GLORIFIES SATAN: Real Exorcist Reveals What Hollywood Gets Wrong About Demonic Possession – God Always Conquers Evil

By Carol Glatz Catholic News Service 1.12.2016 10:59 AM ET Anthony Hopkins stars in a scene from the 2010 movie “The Rite.” Writing in a Vatican newspaper, a leading exorcist said movies depicting exorcisms could be an important medium for showing how God always triumphs over evil, but instead they misrepresent the faith and exaggerate human …

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Jan 16 2016

Fox’s ‘Lucifer’ TV Show: Satanic Deception Goes Primetime – Lucifer Is a Good Guy?

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! – Isaiah 5:20. Thousands Sign Petition Against New FOX TV Series Is the FOX Network planning on portraying Lucifer as a good guy in an upcoming TV …

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Jan 15 2016

Network Television Wants Us to Believe Satan Can Be Redeemed…I Believe God Would Say Otherwise!

New CBS show ‘Angel From Hell’ mocks Christianity, says One Million Moms Christianity Today by Czarina Ong 13 January 2016 (CBS) Jane Lynch (right) stars as the guardian angel Amy in CBS’ new series ‘Angel From Hell.’ Christian viewers were appalled when they watched a preview of CBS’s new show called “Angel From Hell,” which features …

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Jan 06 2016

LIBERAL FEMINISM: ‘The View’ Host Joy Behar, “I’d Vote for a Rapist as Long as He Votes for Abortion”

EDITORIAL: This is exactly why feminism is broken in America. They’d rather protect criminals-pimps, pornographers, rapists and pedophiles than give up their beloved abortions. Does any of this make sense to you? Of course it doesn’t. Why would they protect the scum of our earth rather than women, THEIR OWN GENDER?  BECAUSE THEY MAKE BILLIONS …

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Jan 06 2016

New NBC Comedy “Superstore” Tries to Make Abortion Funny, Fails Miserably

LIFE NEWS BY ERIK SODERSTROM   JAN 5, 2016   |   10:51AM    WASHINGTON, DC After making racist jokes in a previous episode, the new NBC comedy Superstore opened the episode titled “Mannequin” with jokes about abortion and Planned Parenthood. Praised by Jonah (Ben Feldman) for choosing to keep her baby despite still being in high school, Cheyenne (Nichole Bloom) casually …

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Jan 06 2016

Eight Pro-Abortion Women Celebrities Planned Parenthood Lists as Top Supporters

LIFE NEWS BY KATIE YODER   JAN 6, 2016   |   11:56AM    WASHINGTON, DC Planned Parenthood is revealing its influence on the media yet again – this time in its annual report. In late December, Planned Parenthood released its 2014 – 2015 annual report. Under “Top Achievements,” the abortion giant boasted how it “reshaped …

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Dec 22 2015

NICKI MINAJ: Abortion I Had as a Teenager “Has Haunted Me All My Life”

LIFE NEWS BY STEVEN ERTELT   DEC 31, 2014   |   4:16PM    WASHINGTON, DC Earlier this month, pop singer Nicki Minaj became the subject of news reports when a song of hers hinted at having an abortion. Assuming she was referencing her aborted baby in the tune, the song says the baby is …

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