Oct 03 2013

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Watching a Man of God Go to the Dark Side is Never Pretty – XXXChurch Owner Quotes Porn Valley Lies as Truth

xxx-churchRead ex-pornstar, Monica Foster’s commentary on this group

EDITORIAL: I’ve said it before. This is Porn Valley’s dog and pony show. Just because someone says they are a pastor doesn’t mean they are currently walking in God’s path. The XXXChurch is a perfect example of saying one thing and doing another. If you go to their website or watch their documentary about forming XXXChurch, you will see pornstars and pornography and the 2 owners having personal challenges with rejecting their glamor and one owner actually leaves for some time as he struggles with his own porn addiction he became afflicted with by hanging out with Porn Valley instead of fighting them. Well, Craig Gross is definitely afflicted again!

Craig, you can’t climb in bed with the devil and still do God’s work. You can’t be friends with satan and destroy his work at the same time. Denying or downplaying the seriousness of sex trafficking inside the porn industry or by the major players of Porn Valley are blatant lies and shows the World you are not working to help victims who have been damaged by pornography. Saying Porn Valley production companies don’t sex traffick their victims is more proof you are really trying to give Porn Valley more space to corrupt the souls of our World instead of helping them.

Craig Gross is directly trying to sabotage and discredit MY WORK during this porn promo event because they know my success will be their downfall. He’s doing Porn Valley’s work in an attempt to keep law enforcement from disturbing their extremely profitable pro-porn agenda (not to mention they don’t want to disturb Shelley Lubben’s strict regiment of botox injections and plastic surgery procedures).

Please DO NOT let this evil dog and pony show into your church, college or any other group function. They are spreading satan’s evil, plain and simple. They want to take your congregations straight to hell. XXXChurch wants you addicted to porn. They PROFIT FROM YOUR PAIN, NOT YOUR RECOVERY!!

PS. I’ve said this before and I’ll keep saying it until I never see these 2 in press again. Ron Jeremy likes to have sex with young girls while they pretend they are dead. It’s called necrophilia. He has porn producers send young new performers to his place where they are required to place a paper bag over their head and lie perfectly still, acting like a dead body until he climaxes. I KNOW THIS AS FACT!

Is that REALLY who you want talking to your congregations and social groups?? Wise up. He’s a veteran pornstar. He’s been in the organized crime family of Porn Valley since they became legal. He is GREAT FRIENDS WITH DEREK HEY FROM LA DIRECT, ONE OF THE MOST EVIL MEN IN PORN VALLEY. He wants his career and his industry to continue to thrive and succeed. He’s selling porn to your audience each time you let him walk through your doors!

Why are you helping him?????

PSS. I’ve been filing xxxchurch in my Porn Valley folder from the very beginning of my battle. You need to update your files to reflect the TRUTH. I would be suspicious of and not participate in ANY group who is promoting these scheming pro-porn activists!!

Craig Gross knows EXACTLY who I am. His cohort in this travesty is Shelley Lubben whose non-profit has suffered after I CONFIRMED how she uses victim donations for her own pleasure and plastic surgery. She used our escape from porn (and many other confirmed victims she victimized) to gather donations and then refused to help us once we were out on the street and our lives were threatened. They know I’ve been confirmed as a Porn Valley sex trafficking victim and they know I ain’t no minor. They know I stand to take their place by really fighting Porn Valley, not just pretending to so they can make easy money (which btw, I’ve never made a dime off my work. I’ve turned down support to be able to report these truths). They now work openly with Porn Valley in an attempt to discredit my victim status. Wow!

Craig and Shelley, repent and save your souls. Go back to God’s work. I pray that satan’s grip on your souls is broken. Amen!!

Ron Jeremy And A Christian Pastor Talked About Porn At NYU Last Night

By Claire Voon on October 2nd, 2013


Last night, Ron Jeremy, porn star extraordinaire, and Craig Gross, pastor of non-profit Christian website XXXchurch.com that helps people stop watching porn, spoke at the event “Free Porn? Porn Stars vs. Pastors.” The discussion was organized by The Price of Life: NYC, a “city-wide, campus-based, faith-inspired campaign addressing human trafficking in all its forms,” and invited the two men to debate pornography’s impact on society, specifically on human trafficking.

“What we were trying to get at was that there is a link between human trafficking and porn,” POL’s campus coordinator Andrea Mufarreh said. “There are most definitely cases where women are forced into human trafficking and are being forced into the underground porn industry.”

The event drew well over a hundred people, although it’s difficult to say whether most members of the audience showed up for the discussion or to see The Hedgehog IRL (still, there were whispers of “Wait, which one’s the porn star?” when the men walked on stage). Each delivered a 12-minute opening remark, which was followed by a Q&A session. The conversation, however, only briefly addressed issues concerning human trafficking and the porn industry, turning instead into a debate about pornography in general, which is always fun. Here’s a summary of the main points they covered:

On human trafficking in pornography:

Craig Gross: There’s a lot of stuff that I’ve heard of with the Internet that’s not produced by the companies in LA that’s got girls underage that probably deals with potentially trafficked girls. They’re not going to touch it in their industry, but does it exist? Is it online? Yes.

Ron Jeremy: Trafficking is more a prostitution of minors. I don’t know of anyone videotaping, because why would anybody take a chance with breaking the law? People don’t want to just put you in jail. They want to kill you for something like that. They’re not going to video it because they’re going to be tracked down that way. Trafficking is more of a prostitution thing, it’s not a porn thing.

On porn’s element of fantasy:

CG: These fantasies are not ever going to be reality. What you’re looking at on a screen is never going to happen, or should happen, in your sex life. It creates unrealistic expectations for what your sex life is going to look like. This is dangerous.

RJ: There’s a lot of escapism. People go to Star Trek conventions. Or Rocky Horror Picture Show conventions. People can get addicted to all kinds of entertainment. [Porn] is a choice you want to have for entertainment. It’s supposed to have fantasies in it.

On “barely legal” girls:

CG: Sure, it’s legal, but it’s barely legal. You’ve got girls in pigtails, you’ve got girls in braces. I mean, some of the titles from these movies — “Young, Dumb and Full of Cum, Don’t Tell Daddy!” and “Slutty Sitters 16,” which means there’s 15 other versions of “Slutty Sitters”… And the Internet has made this so accessible. So many young people can see this.

RJ: Yes, kids are a big part of it, I mean 18 or over, 19 or over. There’s a series called “Barely Legal,” which targets girls who are a bit young, but they’re still of legal age. You have all kinds of IDs you have to show. You have to xerox the IDs, credit cards, passports, drivers licenses to show they’re all the right age. There are some people who try to lure [underage girls] in, but we stopped it. We have all these different kinds of organizations to help us self-govern.

On the porn industry empowering women:

CG: Ron’s going to talk about how women get paid more than he does. But just because you give a woman a bigger paycheck doesn’t mean she’s in power. Some of the titles that you can find, that maybe you have in your room, are “Ass Lickers 5,” “Assault That Ass 4,” “Gag Factor 19,” “Gutter Mouths 29″ — so there’s 28 versions of “Gutter Mouths” — “That Crack is Whack,” “Two in the Bush” and “Ass Stretchers.” These are all just a Google search away. The girl who did “Ass Stretchers,” would you say, “Oh yeah, that’s really empowering because I got paid more”? I met a girl at dinner with Ron one night who said, “Oh, it’s a bad economy so I gotta do anal. So I’m stretching my ass so I can do some anal scenes.” I’m telling you, they’re working for a paycheck, and the filthier stuff they do gets higher pay. This stuff doesn’t empower women.

RJ: He keeps using this word “empowered.” I never said that women are empowered by doing porn, I’m saying they can make a good living doing porn, if they choose to. These are girls who do not have the money to go to college. Some of them worked in McDonald’s. They chose to do porn and become millionaires in five of six years. I’m not saying that it’s automatically empowering, but one of the ways they measure success in a capitalist system of America is money. It doesn’t buy you everything, but the fact is, you make 13 million bucks, you’re set for life. I wouldn’t call it empowering, but it’s certainly become a good business for a lot of people.

On the most searched-for videos:

CG: The top 5: double anal is number one, cum drinking, squirting, double penetration and analingus. I didn’t know what analingus was — my mom didn’t know either — but analingus is oral sex performed on the anus, in case you’re wondering.

RJ: The biggest thing on the market today is not the “barely legals,” it’s the thing they call the MILFs. Him saying that it’s all young kids…no, it’s not. The biggest thing now is actually women who are in their 40s and 50s.

On the porn industry’s pay-scale:

RJ: I’ll give you the exact breakdown: $600-800, girl-on-girl. $800-1000, boy-girl. $1000-1400, anal. If you have multiple partners, it keeps going up, up, up, up, up. And what’s wrong with that? You’re not saying that’s your worth because you did anal.

CG: Well, there’s everything wrong with that when the pay-scale says, “If I come in your eye, that will be $2500. If you have sex in your ass and then you put it in your mouth, that is…” That is whack.

And on their own sex lives:

CG: I’ve only had sex with one woman, he’s had sex with 5,000. Ron says the best sex he’s ever had is missionary position because [he] can look at her face and make that connection. I think sex is not just a physical act, it’s a spiritual act. I’m not against anal sex, but in porn, it’s the number one thing. It’s huge to watch.

RJ: We’re actually very similar. I do it with a few thousand women, he’s done it with his wife a few thousand times. It’s the same thing. Also, you don’t have to have sex when it’s emotional, that was more for my era, the old generations. Like that Meat Loaf song, “Paradise by the Dashboard Light.” With the more recent generation, there’s recreational sex as well. I find cuddling more romantic than sex sometimes.


So although “Porn Stars vs. Pastors” sounded like it could have developed into an aggressive shouting match with some titillating points bandied about, Jeremy didn’t rip his shirt off in a fiery rage to flaunt his bod and Gross didn’t leap onto the table and brandish a cross. This is partly because the debate kept attempting to steer focus onto human trafficking, but Gross and Jeremy continually dismissed its connection to the porn industry with which they are familiar because it simply does not deal with the illegal. POL raised important questions; it just picked the wrong people to answer them.

“I believe it was more of a conversation, not a debate,” junior Layo, who withheld her last name, said. “In effect, they were saying the same thing throughout the debate about human trafficking, which was that it doesn’t exist, which was somewhat useless. But the debate was useful in that it educated me about the porn industry because it isn’t entirely exploiting yourself to practice. The debate was good for opening up conversation but bad for actually addressing the purpose of this whole series of events.”

“I think we only uncovered the surface, to be honest,” Mufarreh said. “There are a lot of misconceptions about human trafficking — that it only happens in other countries, that if it happens here, it won’t be found out. Those were only partially addressed, but there’s definitely more to the issue.” Well, perhaps these issues will soon be considered in full, as POL is hosting a follow-up discussion that will take place on Oct. 3. Until then, you could kill time by catching up on all 29 versions of “Gutter Mouths.”

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