Sep 19 2013

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Philip Berg, Kabbalah Centre Founder and Rabbi to the Stars Dead at 84 – What Does Madonna’s ‘Religion’ Really Teach??

EDITORIAL: You’ll notice the list of celebrities who have converted to this controversial religious cult include many of the extreme celebrities who have ended up train wrecks while promoting the evil that we see permeating from America’s entertainment industries today. This is supposed to be a religion that follows the bible and the Jewish faith in some fashion yet we find it very interesting that after converting to this form of unorthodox worship, many of it’s members go on to promote extreme, unhealthy and socially negative behavior and then go on to crash and burn.

I can’t think of anywhere in the bible or any religion that supports good over evil promoting the events we’ve witnessed happening in the entertainment industry all the way back to Madonna filming bestiality for her notorious coffee table book. Madonna has been involved in recruiting others who have gone to the extreme dark side and now wallow in satan’s playground with the rest of the demon swine. What does Madonna really recruit those young, naive budding talents to?

Is the Kabbalah faith real? Or is it actually just another one of Hollywood’s divisions of evil, meant to take those who are snared in it’s web into a realm of altering reality to take America and the rest of the World straight to hell. They’ve already sold their souls to spend the rest of eternity in hell in exchange for fame and fortune on earth.

What God are YOU really worshipping??

Kabbalah Centre

This building on Robertson Boulevard near the heart of Los Angeles’ orthodox Jewish community is the headquarters of the Kabbalah Centre’s empire. (Kirk McCoy / Los Angeles Times)

LA TIMES By Harriet Ryan
September 16, 2013 – 9:12 p.m.

Rabbi Philip Berg, the founder of the Kabbalah Centre, which attracted celebrity followers and controversy with its New Age and financially lucrative presentation of ancient Jewish mysticism, has died.

The Los Angeles-based spiritual organization announced the death of Berg — known to followers as the Rav — on its website Monday. Berg had been in ill health since 2004 when he suffered a stroke. The center said he was 86; public records indicate he was 84.

In a statement, the center praised Berg for popularizing kabbalah, saying he “created a path for millions to learn and live” a field of study previously reserved for an elite circle of orthodox Jewish men.

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“Today we believe the Rav has begun to share with us from above, and we will all happily remain connected to and inspired by the Rav’s soul and his vision,” the statement read in part.

Known for an impassioned teaching style in which he used aspects of modern life to make the struggles of biblical figures more relatable, Berg ran afoul of orthodox leaders angry that he was teaching what they considered an inauthentic brand of kabbalah to an unsuitable audience. After they publicly condemned him, he moved the center’s headquarters to Los Angeles.

It was at the synagogue he set up in an old church on Robertson Boulevard that he began drawing celebrities, including Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Britney Spears and his most famous adherent, Madonna. Her embrace of the teachings made the center famous around the world and its red strings and special blessed water pop-culture phenomenons. Their sales and the center’s emphasis on cash donations by members filled its coffers. Its assets are now believed to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Berg’s widow, Karen, and two sons, Yehuda and Michael, have led the center since his stroke. Their stewardship has been accompanied by controversy. After questions arose about the nonprofit center’s substantial assets, the IRS and federal prosecutors in New York opened a tax evasion investigation. Madonna subsequently removed her African charity from the center’s control, and another nonprofit under government scrutiny abruptly shut down. Agents were still gathering evidence last year, but the government has declined to discuss its case and the current status of the investigation is not known.

Center representatives did not immediately return messages seeking comment.

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