Sep 19 2012

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PICTORIAL TO HELL: Underage Teen Star Pimped to Porn Valley. Is Bon Jovi a Porn Promoter? Derek Hey, Aleister Crowley, Satanism – Hold on Tight For This One!!


Taylor Momsen from Gossip Girl – She was also a Disney girl!! BTW, she just turned 18 in July, 2011 and was recently fired by Gossip Girl for her porn connection and devil worshipping.


In this photo: Taylor momsen, Jenna Haze, Sasha Grey

Photo: Chelsea Lauren/WireImage – Apr 20, 2011

EDITORIAL: She is standing with Sasha Grey who was just outed for reading to YOUR elementary school age children to infiltrate the school systems. This is no doubt to offer sex to school officials to gain access to YOUR personal information and YOUR CHILDREN. Jenna Haze was voted the Nastiest Girl in Porn!!

Sasha Grey and Jenna Haze are recruiters for Porn Valley. They took this girl down and now she’s worshipping satan. Derek Hay is the pusher of Aleister Crowley to these girls. Many of them are in his porn agency (which is really a guise for illegal escorting). This is what they are doing to ALL YOUR DAUGHTERS!!


LOS ANGELES, CA – APRIL 20, 2011: (L-R) Model / actress Sasha Grey, actress / musician Taylor Momsen and adult film star Jenna Haze arrive at the 3rd Annual Revolver Golden God Awards at Club Nokia on April 20, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

Taylor is wearing an Aleister Crowley T-Shirt in the above photo. To learn more about this satanist (Satanism and OTO are widely practiced in Porn Valley) and the huge link to Porn Valley, watch HERE where Monica@Home exposes this information. Also read the WIKIPEDIA and see for yourself the Satanism Porn Valley fully subscribes to and practices.

Now, these are the new music videos with the Wonderful Pornstar in the Making – Taylor Momsen. Yes, Isn’t this a glamorous life??

The girl has definitely changed, wouldn’t you say??

DEREK HEY, Owner and Pimp of LA Direct Models is definitely a huge Worshiper of Satanism, BDSM and Aleister Crowley. These are all his contract girls who are involved in this national prostitution/extortion plan. Derek aka Ben English aka who knows is not even an American citizen. He is from London and his bio says he was in the music industry there (You will keep seeing these links to the music industry as well). He once posted on the front of his LA Direct model site that he was not an American citizen so he did not have to follow our laws. Someone finally convinced him to take it down after a day. WHY ISN’T DEREK HEY DEPORTED FOR THE CRIMES HE COMMITS REGULARLY IN PORN VALLEY??

His rule is you do whatever he says or he takes your money from you. He loves to send girls to dangerous shoots where they risk their health, assault and rape. All monies made by these girls is paid to HIM and he decides what you take home. He has sex with all his girls. If you want to be a contract girl, you must submit to this demon!

Here is Momsen with Lindsay Lohen in 2009 (she was only 16) who we just reported was supposed to do something in Dubai where we know Porn Valley has pimped their girls. Is Porn Valley Hollywood’s Madam?

Derek Hey is the Porn Agent/Pimp of these Pornstar/Escorts

Then Jenna Haze and Taylor Momsen become BFFs while she was underage. How old was she when this was taken?? Next, we see Taylor wearing T-Shirt “I F*ck for Satan” on her concert tour


Oh, Momsen is opening for Bon Jovi tour. How did clean image, Bon Jovi, get mixed up with Porn Valley?? This is truly a sad day. I grew up with Bon Jovi’s music and he’s had a clean image forever!!

Cougar Julia Ann – Where does she fit in??

EDITORIAL: This is what happens to anyone with money, power and influence who get close to Porn Valley. They tempt these men of power with the girls so the pimps can blackmail them with these stalkers. This is how they have our entire country held hostage. DO NOT TRUST THESE PEOPLE!! Meanwhile, Bon Jovi, you are now a promoter of Porn to all the children who love you! You have 4 kids. Your band members have children and families. Would you want your children working in Porn Valley??

You are seeing another American Icon and family man being taken down by

Porn Valley. PLEASE PRAY!

Monica Foster editorial

Back in May of 2011 I noticed that Jenna Haze and Sasha Gray were getting buddy-buddy with mainstream teen idol Taylor Momsen who also fronts for the band Pretty Reckless. I stated during a MonicaAtHome.com broadcast back then that it appeared that Sasha and Jenna were attempting to draw Taylor into the Los Angeles porn industry circuit.

Well, I was right…as of today on Jenna Haze’s twitter she posted a photo from an upcomming FHM layout which will feature herself and Taylor Momsen. I have to question, why in the world would Taylor want to taint her image and influence her young impressionable fans to think that somehow the porn industry is a viable industry to associate yourself with professionally?

This development causes me to question if somehow Bon Jovi is linking up with the Los Angeles porn circuit. Considering that Julie Ann recently tweeted about going to meet Bon Jovi and being that Taylor Momsen has been opening for the Bon Jovi show as of late there seems to be a solid connection.

Jenna Haze has been tweeting about dating a sexy guy in a band…I wonder if it’s someone in the Jon Bon Jovi band…if so at this stage they most definitely are “Livin’ on a Prayer” considering how dangerous the porn industry has become via their

extortion techniques of the public.

No wonder Taylor Momsen was fired from Gossip Girl – good looking out CW network. When you have a young woman who openly states that she’ll “fuck for Satan” you know that something isn’t quite right. I wonder if Jenna Haze trained Taylor Momsen to do so..I hope not.


EDITORIAL: Sorry to tell you, Bon Jovi, but once you hook up with Pornstars, their Pimps will own you or destroy you. The girls are the bait to pull leaders and role models down to Hell. Look at what they did to Tiger Woods, Jesse James, Senator Weiner and more. The hoaxes are just beginning. They won’t stop with a joke. That was only a friendly warning to get the message across. You are now a tool to bring Porn Valley into the mainstream and if you don’t cooperate, you better have a safe place to hide your family!! The rest of you out there, you need to think twice about letting these people near you. They will own you or destroy you.

Now Porn Valley is promoting to YOUR children in the music industry too!!


Photo: Twitter/Facebook

WENN, Tuesday, December 27, 2011, 5:26pm (PST)

  • A bitter Pennsylvania rocker has become the target of angry Bon Jovi fans after confessing he sparked a hoax suggesting Jon Bon Jovi had died just before Christmas.

    Jeffrey Goho has owned up to penning a fake press release stating the “You Give Love a Bad Name” singer had died after falling into a coma in a New Jersey hotel on Dec. 19, and posting the false report online.

    Bon Jovi laughed off the hoax with the photo below, in which he holds a sign stamped with the date, but not before the news reached worried fans.

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