Nov 26 2012

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GUYANA: Chris Brown Concert Canceled after Protests – Since Rihanna Delved into BDSM, Just How Deep Was the Abuse She Suffered and With Whom??

Fans are still angry and unforgiving of Chris Brown’s beating up Rihanna, in 2009. News headlines on Saturday reflects the fans’ attitudes in Guyana – they don’t approve of Chris Brown’s beating up Rihanna, and they don’t want his concert in their country. Chris Brown and Rihanna have let bygones be bygones and are teaming up in their business and personal lives. Performing together and even spending Thanksgiving partying together, the message from Rihanna is clear – she has not finished with Chris Brown yet.Rihanna jetted into Germany to visit her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, though they seemed determined not to be seen together.

The video above reveals the news that Chris Brown and Rihanna spent Thanksgiving together – partying. Fans in Guyana protested Brown’s concert scheduled for December 26. Seeing the unrest that news of his appearance caused, Chris Brown pulled out of the concert in Guyana.

The protests were held by women’s rights groups and it makes us wonder why there are not more protests against the singer’s performances. Brown was convicted of hitting, biting and choking Rihanna in 2009. Brown is still on probation and recently was involved in a well-publicized bar brawl with Drake. Rihanna may have forgiven Brown, but many women world-wide have not forgiven Brown for his violence.

Police have ordered the bar to ban both Chris Brown and Drake from their establishment. Police still protect the bar on a nightly basis. No charges were filed on the fighters, due to the lack of evidence, the surveillance video was to blurry to use.

Chris Brown’s actions apparently are bringing consequences that are hitting the singer hard in his career.

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