Nov 01 2012

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PARENTS BEWARE: Miley Cyrus Video is Sex Orgy with Bestiality, Sex Fetishes and Pimping! PROTECT the KIDS, It’s Mind Control!!

Photo: Miley’s shaved head and thorned necklace true BDSM symbols

EDITORIAL: Parents, you can see for yourselves that the entertainment world is reaching fast and hard to take your children into their fold. This should be a good lesson learned that letting children idolize Hollywood, the music industry and entertainment is like handing your children straight over to Satan.

This video is extremely symbolic of sexual rituals and fetishes regularly practiced in the porn industry and their satanic worshiping. They want to sell the kiss between Miley and Liam as just that but the obvious message is of beastiality which Porn Valley has been pushing through their porn parodies like Star Wars (Photo at right) and Avatar. This new faze of singers calling girls their BITCHES is Pimpology 101. It’s what Pimps call their closest hooker. Now that Miley is hanging out with one of Porn Valley girls, she’s lost to the good side, is XXX rated and must be kept away from the children.

See Pornstar Hooker Alert to see the 100s of active female pornstars who are currently working as illegal prostitutes all over the world. Porn Valley is a sex slave haven wrought with satanic cults and their sex rituals.

Notice below the latest from E! News showing that just one time linking a pornstar to mainstream entertainment and media is like walking into every school in the World with a bomb strapped to your waist. Only difference is instead of physically hurting them here, they are blowing up their minds and souls through PORN! This video is a recruitment piece, once again, saying that you can become famous by going into porn. You’ve seen the truth at Porn in the Valley. It’s organized crime, sex trafficking and torture. That’s where Miley is now!!

by Marc Malkin Today 7:00 PM PDT

Jessie Andrews, Miley Cyrus Stephen Lawton, Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Miley Cyrus has a new friend.

Her name is Jessie Andrews and…she’s a porn star!

OK, they’re not like besties, but both do appear in the music video for “Decisions,” a catchy new dance single from Andrews’ ex-boyfriend, dubstep artist Borgore.

Are Miley and Liam having three wedding ceremonies?

We’re assuming most Cyrus fans aren’t exactly familiar with Ms. Andrews. We certainly weren’t.

So with that in mind, here are five things you should know about the 20-year-old It girl of the adult film world:

1. Sunshine State: Andrews grew up in Miami. She jumped into the porn industry just two years after her 18th birthday. And no, Jessie Andrews isn’t her real name. She came up with the professional moniker by combining the name of her mom’s dog and the street she grew up on.

Check out Miley’s Nicki Minaj Halloween costume

2. Parental Approval: Mom and dad know what their daughter does for a living. “They told me they’d love me no matter what,” Andrews told Vice magazine. “They just want me to be safe and happy.”

3. Filmography: Her list of credits is massive with 139 films under her belt. Her more popular titles include Portrait of a Call Girl, Teach Me and—get ready for it!—Study Buddy Booty Call. And she’s got quite the fan base. As of today, she has close to 238,000 followers on Twitter.

4. Game On: She’s a Lakers fan. “All i’m gonna say is: the Lakers would have won tonight if [Dwight] Howard would have made all his free throws,” she tweeted about their opening game against the Mavericks on Monday night.

5. Business Woman: Porn isn’t Andrews’ only career. Earlier this year, she launched Bagatiba, a jewelry line of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and more.


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