Oct 13 2012

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PARENTS: Dismemberment Porn? It’s Real and YOUR Children Have Access to It – Mixing Violence and Sex to Perform Satanic Sacrificial Rituals!!

(PHOTO: This is just one photo pulled off a pornstar’s twitter. This is Tori Black. Is it fake?? We’ll probably never know but I can tell you I saw real abuse, beatings, and rape. I was raped twice there myself, on sets, on camera, where producers wouldn’t stop the rapes and I couldn’t get up. The videos are for sale online. The bad stuff is mostly real and the good stuff is mostly fake!!)

EDITORIAL: This is where parents have to start learning the horrors that are out there online and in our World so they can equip both themselves and their children to deal with what they come across. Porn Valley has worked VERY HARD to link everything normal and non-adult related to their porn. It’s nasty what is out there. It takes literally 2 seconds to find it. Tonight, I was looking for images to put up on Foxx Media Group about the Fed Bust on an international child porn ring. What came up with my first attempt was horrifying and now I won’t eat dinner!

I met and spoke with pornographers in Los Angeles and Miami/West Palm/Ft Lauderdale that were into some real sick stuff. Beastiality and pedophilia is quite common. So is bisexuality in males that act quite macho in straight porn. There’s rapes and beatings everyday there. I’ve spoken to porn addicts who help break the new and young ones in. Every single bit of the facts, research and stories is true about Porn Valley and porn. I saw it myself. They told me themselves!!

PARENTS: You must protect your children because no one else will. Our World is out of control and only WE CAN STOP IT. You can’t trust ANYONE with your children right now. If you want this to stop and your kids to be safe, YOU MUST SPEAK OUT TODAY. You must speak out EVERYDAY until our government leaders HEAR US ALL AND REVERSE THE TREND!!

Contacts for all of the government leaders and major media networks are listed in the sidebar here on Porn in the Valley and at Moms Against Media for your convenience. Please use them. As you can see from our efforts with GROUPON, YOUR VOICES DO MATTER!!

If you’ve been following the news over the past week, you may have heard about the international manhunt for porn actor Luka Rocco Magnotta, accused of killing and dismembering a man in Canada. Magnotta was arrested on Monday in a Berlin Internet café after a graphic video surfaced on the Internet, which features a man (who authorities believe is Magnotta) killing another man, dismembering the corpse and performing sexual acts (as reported by CNN).

Magnotta has previously garnered attention as a gay porn actor, specializing in graphic and violent pornography, often changing his name and appearance with a chameleon-like quality. He was also notorious among animal rights activists for his use of cat carcasses in sexual acts. Magnotta also posted a number of videos of kittens being killed by suffocating and drowning.

By now, you may be wondering why I am delving into a world of content that sounds so hideous and graphic. Well, for one, it’s important that, as parents, you understand that this content is out there, and if you aren’t using strong filters on your computer, then it just takes a moment to encounter it. Secondly, kids are curious, and word about confusing and niche content spreads quickly. You would be surprised at the number of kids 12 and under that I’ve spoken with that have delved into the world of violent, snuff and fetish pornography. If you find that your child has been looking at this type of material then it’s important that you have a conversation with them to help them understand the harms of this type of material. Finally, I’ve also been made aware of a number of cases where kids have watched violent sexual content involving animals and other niche content online and, as a result, they have acted out similar scenarios offline.

No child is above encountering or investigating this content online, and so it’s your job as a parent to ensure that you are using the necessary protections to prevent access to violent and extreme pornographic content. We highly recommend using parental controls, like SafeEyes or a filter and accountability software program like our X3watchPRO. We also have a number of resources for parents on our site and a workbook about pornography for parents that I hope you will check out today.



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