Oct 10 2012

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GRAPHIC: Porn Valley Producer Shows Contempt for Jesus and Religion in Violent Sex Flick Starring Frequent College Debater, Ron Jeremy as Impaled Jesus

INSIDER TIP: Ron Jeremy’s real sexual desires are in having teen girls put a paper bag over their head and lie still like they’re dead to have sex with him. They call that Necrophilia. He has these girls delivered from the porn agencies.

This guy goes all over the country talking to YOUR CHILDREN about how great it is to be in porn, watch porn, live your whole life for porn! They are in ALL the colleges and universities to recruit your DAUGHTERS into PORN!!

Is this the education you really want them to get and for that $40,000+ you’re helping pay for??

See a college frat shoot with 80 college guys and 1 girl. This could be your son or daughter!!

Ron Jeremy Plays Jesus in Bible Camp Slasher
By Nelson Ayala
Tuesday, Jul 24, 2012

LOS ANGELES — Adult star Ron Jeremy steps into Jesus Christ’s Birkenstock’s in Maltauro Entertainment’s long-delayed indie-slasher “Bloody, Bloody Bible Camp,” premiering July 27 on iTunes, VUDU, Amazon Instant Video and cable VOD.

Director Vito Trabucco (“Slices”) wrote the script with producer Shelby McIntyre. Set in 1984, the film follows a priest (Reggie Bannister) as he chaperones a group of young, lustful Christians during a weekend retreat to the Happy Day Bible Camp.

Things take a nasty turn, however, when an urban legend about a murderous nun named Sister Mary Chopper (Tim Sullivan) turns out to be more than just a campfire tale. With the body count rising, it becomes clear that only Jesus (Ron Jeremy) can save them.

To see the film’s NSFW trailer, visit BloodyBloodyBibleCamp.com.

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