Jun 26 2015

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Former FBI Agent Tells Hannity: The Godless Rely on a Broken Society for Their Moral Code

EDITORIAL: Our nation has never stopped enslaving people and until enough people stand against that fact, we will continue to be a broken society. That is, unless we destroy ourselves first.

Today, our nation continues to accept the rape, torture and pimping of our daughters through most of our entertainment industries, most abusively through our continued legalization of pornography and prostitution in our country. Sex trafficking, white slavery, sex slavery, BDSM, prostitution, escorting, sugar baby, call it what you want, it’s about the ownership, whether temporary or permanent, of a human being for self sexual gratification and, in many cases, using abusive manipulation and internationally illegal torture to groom and control them. 

Slavery is alive and thriving in the US and the slave masters want YOUR daughters. As long as a price tag can be placed on a human being’s worth, we will never be a nation based on Freedom.

CNS by Emily Richards | June 23, 2015 | 6:00 PM EDT

On a panel discussing the murder of nine people in a Charleston church on nationally syndicated radio host Sean Hannity’s show, former FBI agent Jonathan Gilliam said that people who don’t believe in God have to rely on society for their moral code.

“When you don’t have God in your life, your morality comes from society,” Gilliam said on Hannity’s June 19 show in response to a comment about the necessity of absolute standards of good and evil by Pastor Robert Jeffress of the First Baptist Church of Dallas. “If you don’t have standards in society, your morals are going to be broken down.”

Here is a transcript of the exchange between Jeffress and Gilliam:

“If you don’t accept God’s truth as absolute truth, where do you get your code of morality?” Pastor Jeffress asked. “And who is to say that killing is wrong? Who is to say that all of these terrible deeds are wrong? What makes somebody’s opinion better than somebody else’s? That’s why we all need an absolute standard of good and evil that comes from God, ultimately,” he said.

“Sean, can I just say one thing about that? I agree with both of the guests on here. But, let me just answer that question,” Gilliam interjected.

“When you don’t have God in your life, your morality comes from society. If you don’t have standards in society, your morals are going to be broken down. Education gives you morality because it teaches you right from wrong. But if it’s not set in, basically what you’re talking about is love, love of God and fear of God. If your morality is not set in that, it’s set in the books, and it’s set by society,” Gilliam added.

“That’s a scary thing,” Pastor Jeffress pointed out. “That’s scary when you think about it because society said at one time slavery was okay, but it wasn’t. It violated the absolute standard of God. And that’s why it’s a very frightening thing to say people are going to get their standard of morality from society, especially when you see where society is going right now.”

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