Sep 16 2014

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Women Can’t Help the NFL Overcome Their Ignorance of Team Player Violence. THEY NEED JESUS. AMEN!

RGIIIOutrageous: The NFL Did Something Absurd To Silence This Star QB’s Religious Expression

“What a crazy/sad world we live in…”

Western Journalism by B. Christopher Agee — September 16, 2014
Photo Credit: Twitter/Dan Steinberg

After injuring his ankle in Sunday’s game, Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III made his way – aided by crutches – to address a pool of reporters. When he approached the microphone, however, at least a few keen observers noticed a clear difference in his appearance compared to just moments prior.

As evident in a Twitter post by sports writer Dan Steinberg, Griffin turned his T-shirt inside out before greeting reporters, obscuring the Christian message in the process.


Comcast SportsNet writer J.P. Finlay reported the Redskins star was ordered to flip the shirt over by NFLM Uniform Inspector Tony McGee, ostensibly because it was not a Nike product.

Tellingly, however, at least one other player, Ryan Kerrigan, addressed reporters in a shirt obviously not manufactured by the brand.

Plenty of Twitter users responded with disbelief over reports suggesting Griffin had been targeted for his Christian beliefs.



@RGIII if I had to wear my shirt inside out for an interview because it had Jesus’ name on it I wouldn’t do the interview.

What a crazy/sad world we live in. RGIII was forced to turn his shirt inside out cause it had Jesus on it. #messedup pic.twitter.com/WwvvJsAnQU — P. Hughes (@PeytonHugh35) September 15, 2014



I wouldn’t have turned my shirt inside out if I was RGIII. I can’t express my love for Christ then y’all ain’t gotta hear me talk.


Several comments focused on the perceived incongruity between the reception of Michael Sam, the league’s first openly gay player, and outspoken Christians in the NFL.



So NFL player Michael Sam can kiss another man on national tv, but RGIII has to turn his shirt inside out…. pic.twitter.com/tubf7YX7Ig

A team spokesperson has reportedly since asserted that Griffin voluntarily turned the shirt inside out to ensure he did not acquire any fines from the league for wearing unauthorized apparel.

In any case, the conversation sparked by this incident has likely ensured the shirt’s message, “Know Jesus Know Peace,” will reach a wider audience than if he had simply worn it as intended during the press conference.

H/T: The Blaze

Photo Credit: Twitter/Dan Steinberg


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