Aug 03 2014

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Turner Broadcasting Says “We are What We Air”. Comedy ‘BLACK JESUS’ Tells the World They’re Racist and Anti-Christ


Black JesusTurner Broadcasting’s BLACK JESUS Mocks Christianity and African Americans

August 1, 2014

Turner Broadcasting’s comedy BLACK JESUS features a black Jesus character who shows up in a modern-day African American community spouting “F” words, and mocking Christian beliefs. Not only is this highly offensive to Christians, but it presents a horrible stereotype of blacks, implying that if Jesus were black he would be a vulgar, violent, drug user.Please join us in asking Turner Broadcasting not to air this highly offensive program. It is scheduled to begin airing on Turner Broadcasting’s Cartoon Network August 7.

Turner Broadcasting’s website claims, “We are what we air.” By airing BLACK JESUS Turner Broadcasting is telling the world they are both anti-Christian and racist. They are saying that if Jesus was black he would use “F” words and enjoy alcohol.

The preview, with bleeped out “F” words, advertises “the most anticipated comeback in history” and says you should, “Get ready to feel the spirit of the glory of the most high” with black church music in the background.


Please click below to send an email to John Martin, CEO of Turner Broadasting, requesting that BLACK JESUS be canceled.

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