Apr 07 2014

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Barack Obama’s Campaign Buddy Jay-Z Seen Sporting a Medallion for Group that Teaches ‘White People are Devils’

rockets-nets-basketballjpeg-01bb6_s640x480And he’s best buds with our President. Awake YET??

EDITORIAL: Remember Barack and Jay-z got real close during the elections and Hollywood is Obama’s main contributors. Jay-z and Beyonce were given a special visa to visit Cuba illegally. There’s definitely been some very friendly exchanges!

Seems like Jay-z and Oprah have a lot in common. Oprah was caught saying all old white people should die! Seems like we have some major racism in Hollywood and Washington DC going on here, Mabel. Better watch that Obamacare system. Sources are saying there’s a whole lot of old white people WITH good health insurance being left to die in hospital beds waiting for procedures THAT ARE COVERED!!

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Rapper Jay-Z took to court side with wife Beyonce at a recent Nets game sporting a medallion that touts the tenants of the Nation of Islam-tied Five Percent Nation — including the belief that all white people are “wicked” and all blacks are superior. A reporter actually asked Jay-Z if the medallion held any meaning for him, and the rapper replied: “A little bit,” The Daily Mail reported. Five-Percenters generally believe that only 5 percent of the humanity know the truth about life and existence — thus they are the “poor righteous teachers” who are trying to help the rest of the world, The Daily Mail reported. The group was founded in 1963 in Harlem by a former Malcolm X follower and believes that God can only be “purely black,” and that whites are “weak, wicked and inferior,” the media outlet reported. Jay-Z’s wearing of the medallion wasn’t his first public display of the group. He was photographed a few months ago wearing another similar medallion while giving a radio interview for one of his albums, The Daily Mail reported. “The rationale is that the black man is God and created the universe and is physically stronger and intellectually stronger and more righteous naturally,” author Michael Muhammad Knight told the New York Post. “Whiteness is weak and wicked and inferior — basically just an errant child who needs to be corrected.” He also said that one of the first things he learned while researching the Five Percent group was members were taught: “White people are devils,” he told the media outlet.

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