Oct 20 2013

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Lady Gaga And The Muppets Together Again: How The VMAs Made It Possible

EDITORIAL: First of all, according to the article below, Lady Gaga and The Muppets have NEVER actually been together so the title is very misleading to suggest they are getting together again. They imply that so parents will be less apt to take notice. If it’s already been done, it means it must be okay to do again, right?

Second, considering Lady Gaga’s entire persona is based on exploiting sexuality, obscenity and satanism, why would she ever be considered to be on ANY children’s show?

Why is Lady Gaga’s camp trying to pimp this hyper-sexualized satanist as having a close relationship with an iconic part of American childhood? Why do you think the satanic music industry wants to influence your small children so badly? Do you really want Lady Gaga teaching your little ones her ‘moves’, which are actually satanic rituals?

Do you really want these sex crazed, satanic worshiping entertainment industry cult minions being promoted to your toddlers and young children? You know, the little ones who watch The Muppets and who Jim Henson made The Muppets for? Why was Kermit at the VMAs anyway? It is obviously a show for 18+ only. It’s definitely no place for kids!

Take a stand for your children. Take a stand for all children. Tell The Muppets to keep these music industry promoted sex crazed satanists away from your children. Oh, and while you’re at it, tell them to keep politics out of the kid shows too. They have to grow up too soon anyway so the last thing they need is to be used as political pawns to be brainwashed by the Democrats while they’re still in diapers.

PARENTS: Get Real. It’s YOUR babies.Stand up and protect them NOW!

MUPPETS: IT’S YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP THEM SAFE. You don’t, you will burn in hell!

MUSIC INDUSTRY: You know God protects ALL children’s souls. You WILL NOT influence them now so you can steal their souls later. Your souls are already going to hell. We can speed up that process if necessary!



MTV Oct 16 2013 12:30 PM EDT 1,152

As a rumors of a Christmas special brew, MTV News takes a look back into the Gaga/Muppet love affair.

By Jocelyn Vena (@jocelyn1212)

Lady Gaga is inviting a few special guests to spend the holidays with her. The ARTPOP singer has reportedly filmed a holiday special with the Muppets.

The show was shot in Los Angeles, E! reports, but an airdate for the television event has yet to be revealed.

Any good Little Monster knows that Gaga has a deep history with the Muppets, which dates all the way back to 2009. MTV News takes a look back:

Lady Gaga Arrives!

Gaga first entered the Muppets’ cartoony world when she famously sported a dress made entirely of Kermit The Frog dolls back in July of that year. Months after she rocked the Jean Charles de Castelbajac-deigned frock on German TV, the Mother Monster took her fandom for the Jim Henson-created characters to the next level. She actually walked the carpet of the 2009 VMAs with Kermit.

At the time, the amphibian icon left the singer quite impressed. She told MTV News on the carpet how much she enjoyed having the chance to go out with Kermit, which we’re sure left his longtime love Miss Piggy green with envy. “He’s been a really good date,” Gaga said. “It’s our first date, but we’ve been eyeing each other for a while.”

In the days after the twosome caused a stir together, Kermit opened up about the date, denying that any romance was brewing between them despite sharing a kiss on the carpet.

“Well, I wouldn’t really call it a ‘date’ — at least not if I don’t want to end up as a coat for Miss Piggy. Y’see, I just gave Lady Gaga a ride to the VMAs, and when Lady Gaga left her credentials in the limo, I had to bring them to her,” he said at the time, later adding that he thought Gaga looked great in her Jean Paul Gaultier gown, among her other memorable looks from that VMAs.

He said, “Lady Gaga looked great in everything she wore. And I haven’t seen that many wardrobe changes since … well, since the last time Miss Piggy and I were late for a movie.”

In the years since, Gaga has remained in the Muppets’ inner circle. For her Monster Ball tour, Gaga worked with Jim Henson’s Creature Shop to create The Fame Monster prop, which served as a central theme to the tour, used during that trek. Later, Gaga was also rumored to have a part in the 2011 flick, “The Muppets.” While the movie’s star, Jason Segel, had been hoping to make it happen, Gaga never made it into the flick.

But now just might be the right time for her to finally reconnect with her old pals and celebrate her latest album, ARTPOP, slated to hit retailers just in time for the holidays on November 11.

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