Jun 26 2015

Former FBI Agent Tells Hannity: The Godless Rely on a Broken Society for Their Moral Code

EDITORIAL: Our nation has never stopped enslaving people and until enough people stand against that fact, we will continue to be a broken society. That is, unless we destroy ourselves first. Today, our nation continues to accept the rape, torture and pimping of our daughters through most of our entertainment industries, most abusively through our …

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Jun 16 2015

Blur Guitarist Calls X-Factor the ‘Devil’s Work’

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY BY JESSICA GOODMAN • (Linda Brownlee) Posted June 16 2015 — 9:09 AM EDT The X-Factor isn’t for everyone. In a new interview with the Mail, British band Blur called out the show—and all singing contests, really—when asked what they thought about televised talent shows. “Stage left with a machine gun,” guitarist Graham Coxon said. “In …

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Jun 13 2015

Satan’s Playground Is Literally Sinking Into the Ground

California Is Sinking at an Alarming Rate And it’s going to cost taxpayers big time. Mother Jones — By Nathan Halverson | Wed Jun. 10, 2015 3:21 PM EDT zentilia/Shutterstock, and Lightspring/Shutterstock This story was originally published by Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting and is republished here as part of the Climate Desk …

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Jun 02 2015

Oklahoma Satanist Church Wants Permission to Distribute Books in Elementary School

Sojourners by Greg Horton 04-15-2015 | 9:07am Less than two weeks after a third-grade teacher in Duncan, Okla., distributed Gideon Bibles to her students, the Church of Ahriman, a Satanist church in Oklahoma City, has asked permission to distribute Satanist literature at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School. “Ahrimani Enlightenment,” by Adam Daniels, the church’s leader. Photo courtesy …

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May 25 2015

TALLAHASSEE: Satanic Temple Offends Capitol Grounds with Public Display During Holidays

In this undated handout photo courtesy of Douglas Mesner a Holiday display from the Satanic Temple is seen in at the State Capitol in Tallahassee. PHOTO COURTESY OF Douglas Mesner   By Matt Dixon – TBO/Naples Daily News Bureau Published: May 24, 2015   |   Updated: May 25, 2015 at 07:13 AM TALLAHASSEE — Gov. …

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May 23 2015

Graduation Speakers: Beware of Those ‘Allergic’ to Religion

Keeping Watch in Washington PATRIOT POST By Tony Perkins · May 22, 2015 Hundreds of pastors descended on our nation’s capital [yesterday] for FRC’s annual Watchmen on the Wall conference, representatives of what we believe is the determining edge of the future of our nation. “The mission of our Watchmen on the Wall ministry is …

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May 20 2015

POLICE REPORT: Scientology Leader Spied on His Dad ‘No Matter Where He Went’ – The Intimidators

EDITORIAL: If you take a serious look at what has been exposed about Scientology and their surveillance, gang stalking and persistent intimidating activities against anyone who dares stand up to their cult, you would have to see the similarities of what has been happening across our country to anyone who stands up to the Democrats …

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Apr 24 2015

HOME INVASIONS: Networks Skip Secret Wisconsin Police Raids Against Conservatives; Fox News Exposes

EDITORIAL: Many headlines lately have had something about persecuting Christians, threatening Christians and threatening religious beliefs. We even have Disney taking a very public stance, pushing anti-religious and anti-women agendas. While media screams about racism in America, they are ignoring and in many cases, instigating hatred against religion and women (Let’s clarify that, all women who …

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Apr 22 2015

DISNEY & ABC GO ANTI-CHRIST: Catholic Leaders Join Nat’l Campaign to Boot Anti-Religious Bigot Dan Savage From New Prime Time Show “Family of the Year”

LIFESITE NEWS STAFF Tue Apr 21, 2015 – 3:47 pm EST  April 21, 2015 (LifeSiteNews.com) – Catholic leaders joined the Media Research Center (MRC), the Family Research Council (FRC), and the American Family Association (AFA) in a national campaign to educate the public about a Disney ABC sitcom pilot based on the life of anti-religious bigot Dan Savage. MRC and FRC sent a letter to …

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Apr 18 2015

VATICAN EXORCISM: Course Draws 170 Students to Study Demonic Activity and How to Fight Possession

AP Photo/Mohammad Hannon by THOMAS D. WILLIAMS, PH.D.16 Apr 20151617 ROME, Italy– The tenth annual course on exorcism has gotten off to a bang in Rome, with a full house of 170 students eager to learn how to recognize and fight demonic possession. Sponsored by the Vatican Congregation for the Clergy and organized by the …

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Apr 15 2015

MASSACRE: Has the World ‘Looked the Other Way’ while Christians are Killed? Unequivocally, Yes!

Washington Post by Sarah Kaplan April 7 Christians in Niger attend an Easter mass in the cathedral of Niamey on April 5, 2015, a few months after the anti-christian riots of January killed ten people and destroyed 44 churches in Niger. (AFP Photo/Getty Images) The atmosphere in the Vatican’s St. Peter’s Square turned from celebratory …

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